17/4 - 23/5 2021

Gabriel Alonso

Lucía Bayón

Esther Merinero

Rafa Munárriz

Elisa Pardo Puch

Victor Santamarina 

Gabriel went to collect pieces of broken cars to make molds and a few days later he walked to the Pradolongo park to pick flowers. Lucia found a basket in Madrid, took it to her studio and covered it with paper pulp and her friend's blue comics. She sanded, the basket began to draw on the pulp. Esther dreamed of oil stains on a workshop floor. With translux epoxy resin she painted those stains until they climbed the walls of her studio becoming windows, or as she calls them, portals. Rafa fell in love with a beam that is now white. Towards the sharp curve she stepped in between. Now they are friends. Elisa researched racing. Horse racing, car racing. At horse races, picnic tablecloths were also the end flags. Victor: pipes, conductor, funnels, troughs and tunnels. Conductive spaces with their own form.


Hot links presents the work of six artists who are closely linked to the city of Madrid. The exhibition inaugurates Pradiauto: born as a reaction to its transformation. The artists have developed their pieces in parallel and in connection with the mutation of Pradiauto, a mechanical workshop that becomes an exhibition space. In turn, the project observes similarities between the different lives of the space, which in both cases have to do with an exercise of care, repair and commissioning.

PRAD_Poster_hot links.jpg