10 - 22/6 2021

Adrian Schindler

Eulàlia Rovira

Pradiauto hosts the first FOCUS of the Institute for Postnatural Studies (Madrid), which focuses on the artistic practice of Eulàlia Rovira and Adrian Schindler. It is the first occasion in which a selection of their joint work, developed in parallel to their individual practices, is shown in Madrid. Their collaboration is vertebrated by writing and poses exercises of displacement of both the eye that looks and the voice that narrates. Moving between the underground and the surface, the pieces traverse gases, bones, chemicals, divinities, technologies and plants in an attempt to subvert the centrality of the subject.


Une lampe éclaire une lampe qui éclaire, La Part Sombre and When you light this rock it burns like wood delve into oil shale, a hydrocarbon-rich sedimentary rock that was mined before the discovery of oil.


By stopping at a gesture as minimal as peeling a fruit discarded by mass consumption, La figa, l'espina, l'escut reclaims a space of latency and singularity outside the systems of standardization and exclusion.


Áridos, cloro, dientes, termoplásticos and Ciñe la noche, la flor de once meses bebe motores secos address the control and spillage of fluids in post-industrial environments. Un paisatge ordenat reflects on the timeless idea of transforming topography to satisfy strategic interests by following the vestiges of artificial mountains erected in the Middle Ages.


Bringing together pieces from the last four years, the exhibition moves through fields and issues common to the framework of the Institute for Postnatural Studies such as geology, fossil fuels, global trade, landscape and non-human agency.